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We are extremely proud of our students for showing and at our first Christmas Showcase last night. It was truly a magical evening and we hope that you enjoyed it! Read more about the evening here:


Our final rehearsal of A Midsummer Night's Dream, all ready for our Christmas Showcase this evening. See you soon (doors open from 6.30pm)


7P have had a fun start to their day by looking at the structures of sheep organs and inflating the lungs. They then went on to sketch and label it


Year 9 girls had an extra special PE lesson today as they were taught by former Gloucester Hartpury Ladies coach and current Grove RFC player, Michael Wood 🏈


Identifying viewpoints and practising annotation skills in with Year 8 today


1552 batteries so far! 🙌 Drop off old batteries to school and they will be sent for recycling ♻️ For more information please visit


Congratulations Emily for your 'Student of the Term' award, very well deserved 🎉


How do we expand and factorise brackets? Year 9 working hard in Maths today


It's for Year 8's in PE this morning with Mr Crowe and Mr Hayden 💪


8P have started a Patterns and Culture project in , focussing on the Mexican Day of the Dead. Today they were drawing designs of the Mexican skulls in preparation for creating layered prints of them in next lesson


We are really looking forward to our Christmas Showcase next Thursday 5th December, 7pm. Tickets can be purchased via ParentPay now!


Year 8 have been snowballing their initial impressions of the poem 'Nothing's Changed' by having group discussions and joining a bigger group each time. They discussed elements of context such as the Apartheid and Tatamkhulu Afrika's biographical information


In Geography today, Peter was sharing his design for an earthquake proof building


8C preparing for their speaking assessment in Spanish today


Year 7 are learning about rhythm and pulse this term in . They have been working together in small groups to compose their very own polyrhymes


Thank you so much for all your support and donations to . We raised a massive £471.96 and had heaps of fun in doing so!


An exciting opportunity to join our IT team as a Junior Regional IT Technician. Find out more here:


club investigated the dangers of splashing chemicals in eyes in yesterday's . Using egg whites, they replicated the aqueous humour of the eye and added a variety of chemicals including hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide to observe the ‘damage’ caused


Year 9 have been perfecting their badminton skills in GCSE PE this morning


The Big Question in year 7 this morning: What are unicellular organisms?

Posted on: 27/09/2019

Oxfordshire Service Pupil Conference

Last Friday, we were delighted that four Aureus students took part in the very first Oxfordshire Service Pupil Conference in Oxford, an event which brings KS2 and KS3 Service children together from across Oxfordshire to share experiences and to have some fun!

The life of a service child is truly unique having to face a number of challenges through their journey through education. This conference for service pupils across the County aims to celebrate their unique journey within Oxfordshire schools and will enable them to have a voice as to how they are supported and how this support might be improved. 

Our students discussed what we can do for service children in our school and how parents can keep the schools informed when they are deployed. We took part in exercises to help show service children what kind of things their parents have to do in their day to day roles in the forces. The students had some great ideas and showed enthusiasm and a willingness to share with others, in particular with ideas on how they could share the life of a service child to other children at their own schools in assemblies.

With input from Professor Alison Baverstock, SkillForce and other Armed Forces related speakers, It was a fantastic experience for all those that attended.