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Retweeted From Pride Youth Network

Great to see are going full steam ahead with their especially creating around school🌈This is a great start in creating 🤝 Keep up the good work! If you want this in your school sign up here👉


A great session with our Pride Youth Network and Gina, our Student Health Nurse, discussing and questioning 'What does gender and sexuality mean to you?"


Year 8 students have been developing a timeline of the Holocaust today in Humanties. Year 7's, currently studying "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" in English Literature, joined them to admire their work


These amazing students were all awarded certificates for showing Integrity this week! Congratulations 🎉


Pupils from joined Voices of Aureus for a fabulous GLF Music Festival yesterday where they performed to parents and carers'. Well done to all involved, they were amazing!


Some amazing musical instruments created in our REcycled Music workshop


Our Year 8 students have been looking at environmental risks we face on our planet today and researching apps that could help make us greener


REinvent Food...our students have been making bread and butter pudding in this workshop today, inspiring them to reduce food waste


We have been lucky to have Nick Garnett in with Year 7's today building a kinetic coral reef through play


Our 3rd day of the year, we have been looking at 'REinvent, REuse, REcycle'. Year 7's have been getting creative with REcycled wind chimes, Reco cultivation and REused sculpture


We would like to thank all our amazing teachers at today and to congratulate the wonderful Ms Costar for being nominated for the 'Outstanding New Teacher of the Year Award' 🎉


We have been working with local businesses today to help develop our careers programme. Thank you all for joining us


We are growing our wonderful team for our third year and are recruiting for a Teacher of English, Teacher of Science and a Computing Lead Practitioner. Visit to find out more!


Today our became 🎉 Congratulations to all our winners this week for showing our value Integrity


"The PGL trip was SO FUN!! My favourite activity was the climbing wall because I overcame my fear of heights." Read more about our recent PGL trip #10%braver


Quite a different style to 8A's English lesson this morning, discussing who they feel is to blame for Mrs Alexander's revelation in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"


Check out "It's a Hard Knock Life" by the wonderful Voices of Aureus


Retweeted From Anthony D

A massive thank you to for bringing the amazing, sensational Voices Of Aureus all the way from Didcot Oxford! They sounded incredible! Hope you can be part of our November concert!🎶🎵🎼🎺📹🎻🎹


We were delighted to be invited to the concert on Monday this week. Read more:


We have had such an amazing time at Osmington Bay So proud of our Year 7's for embodying our Aureus values

School Lunches

Aureus are passionate and proud to focus on Nurturing the Hearts and Minds of every member of our school community and we are excited to be able to fulfil our school vision through our food. Food and Nutrition is an essential part of developing the whole child, and research shows that healthy children learn better. We are committed to ensuring that every student has access to an excellent quality meal each school day. 

We are delighted to be able to give every child the opportunity to experience and enjoy a dining style where students will sit together, share experiences and enjoy a relaxed and nourishing dining experience as an integral part of the school day.

Aureus Food Facts:

  • Inclusive (Meat is Halal, Veg option available)
  • Nut-free
  • School Food Standards Compliant
  • Student Focused & Driven
  • Delicious & Nutritious
  • Integral to our School Experience, Ethos & Values

Our in-house catering provision will give every student a unique and unparalleled opportunity to enhance our food provision and education.

Student voice will be an integral part of the menu development process and food technology and growing will be integral to the offering. From the outset, students will have the power to adapt the menu, and students will participate in key opportunities to develop dishes, consider themes and impact upon the food provision and dining experience.

It is our ambition to ensure that every Aureus student leaves our school with not only the practical skills to look after themselves, make great food choices and understand the importance for food in their live – but also being passionate about good food and having the ability and understanding of how to eat well no matter what their budget is.

Ensuring EVERY Aureus Student gets a delicious, nutritious hot meal, EVERY day…

  • Each meal will have a meat and vegetarian option
  • Fresh salads and homemade wholemeal bread will be served as an accompaniment to the meal
  • All students will have the chance to enjoy a family style dining experience each day
  • Our produce will be locally sourced  and we will involve our students in menu designs
  • The School Food Team are key members of the Aureus team and focus on food provision and practical opportunities to educate our students on healthy food choices
  • We run our own catering service and ensure the benefits of the service control and flexibility stay within our school and benefit our community

Pupils are not permitted to bring packed lunches to Aureus School. Research shows that packed lunches are not as nutritionally balanced as cooked lunches. Unhealthy packed lunches fuel obesity.

The Daily Mail quoted this - In 2013 a Government-backed report compiled by the founders of restaurant chain Leon encouraged more headteachers to consider banning packed lunches. The report noted the rising obesity rates with children and added: "Many parents mistakenly imagine that a packed lunch is the healthiest option." In fact, it is far easier to get the necessary nutrients into a cooked meal – even one of mediocre quality.

"Only one per cent of packed lunches meet the nutritional standards that currently apply to school food."

We are excited to work alongside our whole school community to achieve amazing things with our food and we will have regular opportunities for you to get involved with this essential part of our school experience.  If you are interested in joining our School Food Action Committee, our multi-stakeholder forum to discuss and work on all things Aureus Food – please contact:

Please see below for our current school meal menu. Please note that we may occasionally need to make changes to the menu. These changes are communicated to the students via the Student Message Boards around school and on the Menu Board in the Dining Hall.


Page Downloads Date  
Aureus School Summer 2 Menu 2019 24th May 2019 Download