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Are you curious about Aureus? If you aren’t able to attend an Open Morning then come along on Saturday, October 15th to see behind the scenes at Aureus. Tours are 9-10am & 10-11:00am Book your visit with us now:


Today Museum of Natural History's HOPE project visited some of our Year 7 and 9 students to learn how to be entomologists. A very exceptional day of practical learning about those of which are all around us!


Curious about Aureus? It’s our Year 5/6 Open Evening this evening. We’d love to see you. No need to book.


Open evening is happening from 5pm to 7pm today. No need to book just come along. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. Our new catering company will be here so you can see what happens in our new hub.


We express our deepest sympathies for the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Her dedication to the UK, other realms & territories is unparalleled. We thank her for her service. Our school will observe the mourning period whilst continuing to support our children, families & staff.


Monday marked the start of a new school year for our lovely Year 7s. In just a few short days, they have settled into the Aureus way of life and there have been plenty of smiling faces positive comments.


Our Yr 6 Open Events are fast approaching! Use the following link to sign up: www.aureus


Today, our brand new year 7s have been discovering what art means to them with Miss Robins.


Tomorrow we will be hosting an Information Evening for our KS3 parents from 5-6pm and an Exam Information evening for our KS4 parents from 6:30-7pm. We look forward to seeing you there.


We are set up in the Assembly Hall ready to hand out results at 9 am - 10 am. of our Class of 2022


We are looking forward to seeing the Class of 2022 tomorrow from 9 am - 10 am in the assembly hall for their ✉️ We are proud of all students for the and they have shown during their GCSE years. See you in the morning.


Yr 6 Open Events: September & October 2022 Thursday 22 September: 5-7pm Monday 10 October: 9-10:15am Monday 17 October: 9-10.15am Please visit our website for further details:


They loved the whole trip but especially the Eiffel Tower and Disney


The view from Platform 2 - spectacular


At the Eiffel Tower


Some of the students in Year 9 looked at 'numeracy in art' for STEAM day and took inspiration from the artist Jasper Johns.  Using different media they created some really stunning number art, that will be compiled together to create one amazing piece for the Maths corridor.


As part of this week's STEAM day, some of the Year 9 students made puppets in Drama and used green screen technology to bring them to life. Mrs McAuliffe, our head of drama, was so impressed with the quality of the puppets and the effort that was put in by all the students.


This heart dissection was done alongside Miss Mackenwells who used her expertise as a vet to explain the workings.


Our first live awards event at Aureus. A great turnout, some amazing awards given out and lots of clapping and cheering to celebrate years 7-10. Well done to everyone who received an award tonight.

Pastoral System

Aureus School is split into Year Group Teams, each of which are led by our Heads of Year (HOY) and who are overseen by Assistant Headteachers with responsibility for each of the Key Stages. 

Each Year Group Team is made up of the Head of Year,  a number of coaches (tutors), who lead coaching groups, each with about twenty-five students.  Each Year Group Team also has its own non-teaching member of staff known as the Pastoral Welfare Leader (PWL), and who has the experience of more complex needs and who has the time to work with students and be in contact with their families when there is a more immediate need that cannot be met by a coach, who may be busy with their teaching commitments. In addition to this, the Teaching Assistants, who work with teachers in each Year Group are also included in the Year Group Teams in order to ensure that the communications between the academic and pastoral teams is fluid and effective and that the support in and out of class is of the very highest quality.

The main function of each of the Year Group Teams is to support the behaviour, attendance and pastoral welfare of students, and that begins first and foremost within their coaching groups which meet at the start of each school day. Coaches provide targeted support for students that struggle to meet Aureus high expectations of behaviour and attendance. Coaches discuss any barriers or issues that the students in their coaching group have and then either provide or signpost appropriate support and guidance and involve their parents and carers to ensure that the adults that care for them understand and play a part of the support they receive.  Should a student have any needs that could benefit from more intensive support it will be offered by the appropriate specialists. 

We also have a number of non-teaching specialists, who work within the Pastoral Team and as such with the Year Group Teams and, who specialise with areas of need common to adolescents. These are our Attendance Officer, who works with Oxfordshire County Council to ensure that students attend school, our Designated Safeguarding Lead and Student Welfare Manager, who both deal with safeguarding and welfare concerns and our SENDCo, who is an expert in provision and interventions for students with special educational needs.

We also work with External Agencies specialist in supporting higher levels of need when appropriate. 

We are proud that our Pastoral Structure enables us to support students quickly and effectively and means that Aureus students learn that becoming excellent global citizens means that when we face challenges we should seek and accept relevant support from those around us .