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Science at home: Choose one of these three experiments or why not have a go at all of them! How do butterflies drink? Why do slugs and snails need slime? Or, Do leaves have different colour pigments? Send us your photos to


We have some exciting opportunities to join our teaching team . You can find out more about the roles and apply online here:


Students took part in activities this week for Safer Internet Day. Read more here>


Our annual Spelling Bee took place virtually this week and we are excited to share the winners with you! Find out who won from each year group here>


Some had real pianos and others used virtual piano’s, the results were fantastic!


Y8 have been studying The Blues this term and were tasked with sending in a video of them playing the walking bass line! Mrs Powell was very impressed! Well done to Isabella and Natalie for playing it in such a short amount of time!


Have you heard about the BAFTA Awards and BAFTA online game competition? Open to all 10-18 year-olds. Have a go and share your entries with school!


Here's another activity you could try...can you amaze your family with a toothpick star?


Thank you for sharing your timelapse Lucy!


In Science this week, our year 8 students have been investigating refraction. Great work everyone!


Science Club at home: Do strawberries have DNA? Why not see for yourself in this weeks Science Club activity! Send your photos/videos to


Students (and teachers!) have been taking part in our Faculty Spelling Bee finals this week, concluding with Year 10 on Friday. We are looking forward to announcing the winners at the end of the week...wish them luck!


Critical thinking is as important as ever during remote learning - Question, evaluate and reflect on the online content you see. See more Top Tips from


“What could you do if someone shared something online which you don’t think is true?” This continue the conversations about online safety by using these resources for parents and carers


You receive a direct message from a close friend with a picture of some designer sunglasses that say 50% off and a long link to a website you don’t recognise. What do you do? Test your online safety skills with the quiz from


Today is Safer Internet Day and we are working with organisations across the UK to make . Join us and find out more at


Some more fantastic looking recipes our students have made over the weekend, well done everyone!


We certainly have some impressive bakers here ! Well done to the students in B9MSE for taking part in this weeks faculty challenge, these look amazing!


Retweeted From UK Safer Internet Centre

This we are holding a live event with FC to talk about the importance of reliability online. Tune into the UKSIC channel at 1:30pm on the 9th February for your chance to see the team support .


Jordan in Year 9 has produced this fantastic timeline of medicine in Britain for his History work this week. Well done Jordan!

Uniform & Equipment


We endeavour to achieve a high standard in all of our activities at our school and we expect this to be reflected both in the appearance and behaviour of our students.

UniformAll students must have full school uniform, worn correctly, for daily attendance at school. Uniform will also be worn on occasions when children are representing the school, including school visits.

Parents and carers are asked to co-operate fully by providing the uniform and ensuring children wear it correctly to and from school, and at other times as required.

The school offers the full range of uniform, PE Kit and accessories for pupils which can be purchased directly from our uniform supplier, Trutex.

If you are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and/or the Pupil Premium grant, you are entitled to a discount for your uniform. In order to receive this, you must visit the Trutex shop in Didcot where the school has provided names of all those that are eligible, where the discount will be applied. This must be done in store.

Covid-19 Update from Trutex:

The new layout of the shop will enable us to serve customers in a safe way, observing the 2 metre social distancing rules and minimising risk. 

We would ask if you could encourage parents to obtain school uniform using our website where possible during the current situation.

The fitting rooms at the shop will be closed and customers encouraged to try items of uniform on at home. We are happy to exchange anything that is the incorrect size as long as it is returned in a saleable condition.

Our Facebook page Trutex Didcot is where more information and updates will be posted.

Please click here to visit the Trutex website

Please contact Trutex on 01235 211011 to check their availability on items.

Items marked with an asterisk - may only be purchased from our official uniform supplier Trutex Other items - may be purchased from Trutex or other stores.

Blazer * Grey Aureus School blazer
Jumper * (optional) Grey v-necked Aureus jumper with gold trim
Tie * Aureus black/yellow striped school tie
Shirt Plain white shirt with a top button (short of long sleeves)
Skirt/Trousers/Shorts Plain black smart trousers, knee length tailored shorts or a black knee length pleated skirt (black canvas, skinny trousers, leggings or jeans may not be worn)
Smart black shorts may be worn as part of the Summer uniform from June until the end of the Summer term.
Socks/Tights Plain black or grey socks/black or grey opaque tights
Shoes Plain black, leather shoes with black shoe soles and no decorative stitching or carrying an explicit sports logo. Black boots, trainers, plimsolls, canvas or suede shoes may not be worn. (Acceptable shoes are defined by the school).
Rucksack/Sports Bag* Aureus school rucksack and/or sports bag – black with embroidered logo (only one bag is required – students can select which style they prefer). 
PE Kit Aureus PE sports top *
Aureus PE shorts *
Aureus PE socks *
Aureus long sleeve reversible games top
Aureus tracksuit (optional) 
Black or white trainers with non-marking soles for indoor and outdoor use
Towel / Shower gel
Aureus sports bag *

Hair should be neat, tidy and appropriate for a professional working environment (as defined by the school).
Extreme styles and hair colouring will not be permitted (as defined by the school).
Shaved lines in hair or eyebrows are not permitted.


Students may wear one/a pair of small round plain studs in the ear lobe only. 
Other earrings, facial studs, ear expanders, bars or any other body piercings are not permitted.
Rings, necklaces and bracelets including charity, friendship/festival bracelets may not be worn.


Students may not wear any make-up.
Students may not wear false nails, fake eyelashes or tinted contact lenses.
Eyebrows should be natural.

Headwear and Religious Clothing Headwear and religious clothing may be worn (for religious purposes only) and should be either plain black or grey (baseball caps and bandanas may not be worn).
Coat A dark waterproof coat in black or grey (denim jackets and coats that the school deems as ‘Hoodies’ are not permitted).
Mobile Phones Mobile phones need to be off and out of sight. They are brought to school at students' own risk. If they are seen, heard or used in school they will be confiscated.

Equipment and Stationery

We endeavour to achieve a high standard in all of our activities at our school and we expect this to be reflected both how well prepared for learning our students are.

All students must bring the following essential items to school with them every day in order to fully access their lessons.

  • All students are expected to have a reading book on them at all times
  • Mobile phones – need to be off and out of sight in bags between 8.30am-4.30pm
  • A pocket-sized planner (this will be provided in their orientation)
  • A clear pencil case
  • 4 colour pens – black, blue, red, green 
  • 4 colour highlighters
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • A rubber
  • A sharpener 
  • Scientific calculator e.g. Casio. Click here for an example
  • Helix Oxford mathematical set: Click here for an example