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Posted on: 25/08/2023

Exam success at Aureus

Our staff and students are celebrating after the Class of 2023 achieved some outstanding GCSE results, with 42% gaining Grades 9 to 4 and 4% Grades 9 to 7.

A fifth of all English results (20%) at our school were graded between 9 and 7, along with over a quarter (27%) of all Biology grades.

This year also saw our first Dance GCSE students, with 14% attaining Grades 9 to 7.

The students were only the second year to take GCSEs at Aureus, which is a member of the GLF Schools' Multi-Academy Trust. 

High achievers included Malhar V, who said: "I'm really pleased to have received 9s in Maths and the Sciences. I prepared for my exams by doing lots of practice papers and I would advise other students to start revision early. I'm aiming to go to Oxford University."

Among the school’s other high fliers were Olivia S and Alice S.

“I'm really pleased with my results,” said Olivia, who is going to Henley College to do A Levels. “I started revising early. The time goes by so quickly so I would advise others to start way earlier than you plan to. 

“I used flash cards and then nearer the time I used practice papers to help prepare and they helped me get used to the format of the exam."

Alice will go onto Didcot Sixth Form to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry. She said: "I'm very happy with my results, especially the 9 in Art. I revised by going through all the textbooks and making notes, and then practice papers too.”

Our Headteacher, Julie Hunter said: “Aureus School is proud of the Class of 2023. This group of students had Year 7 as their only interrupted secondary school experience and have taken every opportunity to develop both their academic and wider skills.

“There are many successes today, from students with seven-plus Grade 8/9s at GCSE moving on to study A Levels at Didcot Sixth Form, to others achieving the necessary qualifications they need to access apprenticeships, and others off to performing arts schools.

“We wish our second exam cohort well, and we look forward to meeting them again as Aureus alumni.”