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Science at home: Choose one of these three experiments or why not have a go at all of them! How do butterflies drink? Why do slugs and snails need slime? Or, Do leaves have different colour pigments? Send us your photos to


We have some exciting opportunities to join our teaching team . You can find out more about the roles and apply online here:


Students took part in activities this week for Safer Internet Day. Read more here>


Our annual Spelling Bee took place virtually this week and we are excited to share the winners with you! Find out who won from each year group here>


Some had real pianos and others used virtual piano’s, the results were fantastic!


Y8 have been studying The Blues this term and were tasked with sending in a video of them playing the walking bass line! Mrs Powell was very impressed! Well done to Isabella and Natalie for playing it in such a short amount of time!


Have you heard about the BAFTA Awards and BAFTA online game competition? Open to all 10-18 year-olds. Have a go and share your entries with school!


Here's another activity you could try...can you amaze your family with a toothpick star?


Thank you for sharing your timelapse Lucy!


In Science this week, our year 8 students have been investigating refraction. Great work everyone!


Science Club at home: Do strawberries have DNA? Why not see for yourself in this weeks Science Club activity! Send your photos/videos to


Students (and teachers!) have been taking part in our Faculty Spelling Bee finals this week, concluding with Year 10 on Friday. We are looking forward to announcing the winners at the end of the week...wish them luck!


Critical thinking is as important as ever during remote learning - Question, evaluate and reflect on the online content you see. See more Top Tips from


“What could you do if someone shared something online which you don’t think is true?” This continue the conversations about online safety by using these resources for parents and carers


You receive a direct message from a close friend with a picture of some designer sunglasses that say 50% off and a long link to a website you don’t recognise. What do you do? Test your online safety skills with the quiz from


Today is Safer Internet Day and we are working with organisations across the UK to make . Join us and find out more at


Some more fantastic looking recipes our students have made over the weekend, well done everyone!


We certainly have some impressive bakers here ! Well done to the students in B9MSE for taking part in this weeks faculty challenge, these look amazing!


Retweeted From UK Safer Internet Centre

This we are holding a live event with FC to talk about the importance of reliability online. Tune into the UKSIC channel at 1:30pm on the 9th February for your chance to see the team support .


Jordan in Year 9 has produced this fantastic timeline of medicine in Britain for his History work this week. Well done Jordan!

Partner Schools

Aureus is the first mixed 11-16 school in Didcot, following a history of single sex education. We will work alongside St Birinus Boys’ School, Didcot Girls’ School and the Didcot UTC to serve the local community in secondary school choice.

You can find out more about the schools in Didcot here:

You can see the news about Aureus here:

We look forward to working with our partner schools in supporting the Year 6s and their families in their transition to secondary school.

Our 2017 Partner Schools





All Saints Church of England School

OX11 7LH

John Myers

2.6 miles

Benson C of E Primary School OX10 6LX Helen Crolla 11.6 miles
Blewbury Endowed C Of E Primary School OX11 9QB Marion Mills 5.1 miles
Charlton Primary School OX12 7HG Steven Rose 7.5 miles

Chilton Primary School

OX11 0PQ

Sandra North

4.6 miles

Cholsey Primary School

OX10 9PP

Heidi McSweeney

6.3 miles

Cliften Hampden C of E Primary School OX14 3EE Rachel Crouch 6.5 miles

Drayton Community Primary School

OX14 4JG

Marc Knight

5.3 miles

Fir Tree Junior School

OX10 0NY

Nilofer Khan

6.8 miles

GEMS Didcot Primary Academy OX11 6DP Alison Ashcroft 0.4 miles
Grove Primary School OX12 7PW Sue Gould 9.3 miles

Hagbourne Church of England Primary School

OX11 9LR

Annette Crewe

2.8 miles

Harwell Community Primary School

OX11 0LH

Bryn Gibson

1.5 miles

Ladygrove Park Primary School

OX11 7GB

Andrew Markham

3.2 miles

Long Wittenham (Church of England) Primary School

OX14 4QJ

Alison Mountain

6.3 miles

Manor School

OX11 7LB

Jess Robinson

1.3 miles

Millbrook Primary School OX12 7LB Steven Rose 9.6 miles

New Marston Primary School (River Learning Trust)


Tracey Smith

15.7 miles

Northbourne Church of England Primary School

OX11 8LJ

Paul Shaughnessy

1.8 miles

RAF Benson Community Primary OX10 6DS Steph Fawdry 12.6 miles

South Moreton School

OX11 9AG

Cheryl Sánchez

4.2 miles

St Amand's Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School

OX12 8LF

Helen Ellery

4.2 miles

St Andrew's Church of England Primary School


Jude Bennett

17.2 miles

St Blaise C of E Primary School

OX14 4DR

Ruth Leach

3.1 miles

St James C of E Primary School OX12 0JN Janice Peacock 7.9 miles
St Michaels C of E Primary School OX13 6SQ Hayley Leyshon-Brady & Grant Mottram 3.9 miles

Stephen Freeman Community School

OX11 7BZ

Jess Butler

0.9 miles

Streatley Church of England (Controlled) School


Lesley Roberts


10.8 miles

Sutton Courtenay Church of England Primary School

OX14 4DA

Rachel Hornsey

3.7 miles

The Hendreds Primary School OX12 8JX James Veness 4.7 miles

Willowcroft Community School

OX11 8BA

Jane Hemery

1.8 miles

Woodcote Primary School


Liz Hunt

13.3 miles

NB: Aureus Primary School (new schools on the Great Western Park) will become our closest primary partner schools, once they grow to Year 6 provision.