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Team science have a new page to share with you all things science.




All Yr 11 students are encouraged to come along to period 6 on a Tuesday & Wednesday. It is a great opportunity to get some extra work done in their chosen subjects. Last year's GCSE students have said that Period 6 and early revision was a key factor in their exam success.


My favorite quote from this evening “I’ve got six children and I’ve seen a lot of headteachers do these speeches, you did brilliantly!”. Thank you to the parents who came and supported the school and their child this evening. Families and schools working together!



Staff and students were celebrating after the Class of 2023 achieved some outstanding results this morning!Well done, everyone!!


will be in the dining hall from 09:00-10:30.


We are looking forward to seeing year 11 from 09:00 - 10:30 tomorrow for their results.



The Biomimicry STEAM day award went to Angelina, who designed a fantastic pair of walking boots based on a mountain lion.Well Done Angelina!



It's that time of year again...It's Sports Day!Good luck to everyone who is taking part and let's hope it stays dry!!


In art we are going cross-curriculum and combining numbers with art and taking inspiration from Jasper Johns' Number art for STEAM day!


Our students are lucky enough to work with House of Fun & JONAS Software today for our STEAM day!


Premises Assistant Job Opportunity: Are you someone who can support us to take good care of our school premises? Delivering a high quality service with a friendly manner and taking pride in our school by always ensuring that it looks it’s best.


All DofE groups finished and on their way home!


Heading home! Well done DofE students - you are amazing!


Heading for the last checkpoint...


Rise & shine! All campers are getting ready for their final day of their bronze expedition.

Y6 to Y7 Transition


Key dates Event 
01/03/2023 National offer day: look online, receive email and letters are sent out by second class post where needed.
15/03/2023 Last date for responding to an offer and for placing a child's name on a Continued Interest List in response to offers made on 1st of March. Also, deadline for late applications and changes of preference to be considered in the second round of allocation process.
05/05/2023 Second allocation day.
Sept 2023 Start of the school year.

Transition to Secondary School

A copy of the Welcome Pack for all new students will be available to download shortly.

Information about Y6 to Y7 transition will be sent to all parents and students who have been offered a school place in due course.  If you have any questions, please get in touch via

Dates for your diary:

Y6 Transition Day and Evening Tuesday 27th June 2023
Y7 & Y10  Return to school  Monday 4th September 2023
Whole School Return  Tuesday 5th September 2023

At Aureus School, we recognise that starting a new school is an exciting but challenging time for both students and parents / carers. Therefore, to help ensure students transition smoothly, we work closely with our partner primary schools and parents/carers to ensure they are fully prepared to begin their journey at secondary school.

Our transition activities begin at the start of the Summer Term.

Activities include: 

·        Aureus School staff members will be contacting primary schools to gather relevant academic information about students joining our school.

·        All parents/carers will have a telephone call from a member of the Aureus transition team towards the end of June and into July to talk about any worries or fears about starting a new school.

·        All students will be invited to a transition day at Aureus in the Summer term.

·        All parents and carers will be invited to an Information Evening at Aureus in the Summer term.

·        All students will be able to access a transition booklet with a ‘who's who’ page of staff in the Pastoral team and Leadership team.  It will also contain some activities to be completed at home.

·        SEND, Pupil Premium students and students with individual needs will be offered a range of extra activities depending upon their need.  These may include: extra visits to the school and meetings with parents/carers, relevant professionals and primary school staff.