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Consortium partner are running a 1 day conference in London on 1st May on Adverse Childhood Events in Education – helping schools to understand and support. To find out more, go to:


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We made playdoh figures once to represent those more “negative” views of ourselves. Then squashed them and built ourselves looking strong/beautiful/confident. Interestingly, the “positive” people were usually taller the second time!


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Come and work with us! We have lots of vacancies for year 3 of our start up Journey! Check them out! You get to work with leaders like !


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Sport and physical activity must be put "on a par with reading and writing", says Sports Minister Mims Davies. In her first major sport speech since taking on the role in November, Davies will call for schools to ensure children are "physically literate".


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The UK sports minister will call for schools and clubs to ensure children are "physically literate" in her first major speech


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‘Physical activity should be on same par as reading and writing... developing children to be physically literate will build a sporting habit for life’


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Call for PE school sport &#PhysicalActivity to finally get the recognition it deserves so that schools can ensure that children are physically literate


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"Schools must ensure children are physically literate", according to the sports minister, Mims Davies:


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A successful Parent and Carer Autism Newtwork meeting last night Our local partnership EP led discussions and facilitated a workshop. Next meeting will have Autism Family Outreach leading.


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Happy halfterm to our fab team - you have worked your socks off since Christmas & really deserve a week of rest. Thank you for your commitment to our vision & values. & anyone missed! 🙌🏼


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has recently been the first school in Oxfordshire to be award the Gold If you would like to learn more about how they did this they are opening up their doors on 24th May:


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School is a priority: understanding how to implement effective policy and governance is tricky. Our March meeting will be covering aspects of this...please encourage your to come


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Every school should have memes at the end of their daily cover bulletin ✅


Congrats to our winners for their assembly reflection tasks and for showing ❤ this week


Thank you to everyone who sponsored this community project. Your contributions enables this to happen. 🙏


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! I love you just as you are.


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Harris Morden. They had a brilliant focus on community outreach. spearheaded how the school liaised with parents and key community figures. She is doing great things with Schools are a reflection of the community around them.



we missed you! But perfect to hear from and . Congratulations all! Spearheading=brave


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Fantastic opportunities to join our team in September!


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Fab activity for the girls’


Teaching School Activity at Aureus

At Aureus we are passionate about professional learning and a commitment to lifelong learning is one of our core missions. Through our Teaching School Alliance we are keen to showcase our innovative provision, host value for money training from internal and external facilitators, develop exisiting and aspiring leaders, and organise grassroots events such as TeachMeets and LeadMeets.

Aspiring Teachers:

If you are considering teaching and would like to come and shadow a teacher for a day or a week please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Beginner Teachers:

If you are on a training programme and need a placement please get in touch.

Newly Qualified Teachers:

We have a consistent training offer for those new to the profession.

Recently Qualified Teachers:

We offer a development training programme to those consolidating their training year.

Lead Practitioners:

We are committed to developing our classroom practitioners to become Quality First Teachers.

Specialist Leaders in Education:

Our Headteacher is a SLE and a Train the Trainer for SLE accreditation.

Diversity and Equality Grants:

Our Headteacher is the Co-Founder of #WomenEd and the Strategic Lead for Oxfordshire Women Leading in Education, we will be hosting lots of free training opportunities to connect, inspire and empower women in education.

Our Assistant Headteacher is the Co-Founder of #BAMEed, we will host and share lots of free training opportunities to connect, inspire and empower BAME educators.

GLOW Maths Hub:

We have a strategic partnership with GLOW who have a designate training room at our school.

Oxfordshire Teaching School Alliance:

We are strategic partners with OTSA.