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Retweeted From Oxon MHWB

We have organised a two day Youth Mental Health First Aid training course with for Network members if you are interested the link is below:


Congrats & our first accredited Lead Practitioners! A massive accomplishment - well done.


Congratulations to Patrick for winning the Pupil of the Term award. Patrick has consistently demonstrated Aureus' school values within the school and the community and has been made excellent progress in school this term. Well done Patrick!


Retweeted From Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA

Please share with other innovators our 2nd event


Retweeted From Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA

The booking link for is embedded but also here:


Retweeted From Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA

What a line up we have for Diverse Educators II on 12/1/19 Please share with friends and colleagues


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ICYMI yesterday - presented a workshop at the last week. You can also read ’s reflections on the conference


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Tickets available soon for our biggest ever Big Day Out - 32 Associates plus workshops from Aureus School. It's going to be huge!


Retweeted From Steve Lowe

Some really interesting stuff going on at the Aureus. School uses ‘nurture room’ to calm pupils at risk of misbehaviour via


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Read our latest blog about supporting your Mental Health First Aiders


Retweeted From Naomi Clark

Today, I calmed someone down who had missed breakfast, dealt with someone with split dry skin on their foot (🤢), fixed a zip on a bag... and on a pencil case, encouraged someone distressed to come out of the toilets, found someone lonely a playmate... and taught!


Retweeted From Drew Morris

Thank you to our wonderful PCA for supporting this event. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Retweeted From Steve Holliday

Awesome once again. Nothing better than seeing kids doing something they clearly love. Music has no boundaries. Well done glorious aureus. 👏


Well spotted! is our Music Lead Practitioner & Choir Director - she was stood at the back of the hall leading the singer. Our Year 7 was the signing lead as it was This is Me with Makaton thanks to 🙌🏼🎶


Retweeted From Aureus Primary

Thank you Voices of Aureus for singing at our official opening & teaching our choir the Aureus song 🎉


Retweeted From Cat McGill

I’m collecting ideas from families about what sort of songs you’d like me to write in my new project. Got lots of great ideas from practical stuff like routines, family set up, to lots of feelings based topics like being loveable and knowing you are unique. Any more?!


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Great work


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Forget isolation rooms - pupils at can choose to sit under a weighted blanket in a dark room to calm down, told the conference last week


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Fantastic donations received today from the families of . Thank you so much for supporting our campaign for a second year and donating so many fantastic gifts that will make so many children in hospital this Christmas smile and happy 🎁🎄


Hannah & Drew thank you for organising this community event. The PCA were fab too 🎄🎉🙌🏼


Teaching School Activity at Aureus

At Aureus we are passionate about professional learning and a commitment to lifelong learning is one of our core missions. Through our Teaching School Alliance we are keen to showcase our innovative provision, host value for money training from internal and external facilitators, develop exisiting and aspiring leaders, and organise grassroots events such as TeachMeets and LeadMeets.

Aspiring Teachers:

If you are considering teaching and would like to come and shadow a teacher for a day or a week please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Beginner Teachers:

If you are on a training programme and need a placement please get in touch.

Newly Qualified Teachers:

We have a consistent training offer for those new to the profession.

Recently Qualified Teachers:

We offer a development training programme to those consolidating their training year.

Lead Practitioners:

We are committed to developing our classroom practitioners to become Quality First Teachers.

Specialist Leaders in Education:

Our Headteacher is a SLE and a Train the Trainer for SLE accreditation.

Diversity and Equality Grants:

Our Headteacher is the Co-Founder of #WomenEd and the Strategic Lead for Oxfordshire Women Leading in Education, we will be hosting lots of free training opportunities to connect, inspire and empower women in education.

Our Assistant Headteacher is the Co-Founder of #BAMEed, we will host and share lots of free training opportunities to connect, inspire and empower BAME educators.

GLOW Maths Hub:

We have a strategic partnership with GLOW who have a designate training room at our school.

Oxfordshire Teaching School Alliance:

We are strategic partners with OTSA.