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A really gripping performance of 'Under My Skin' by Pegasus Theatre this afternoon for our Year 8's. The story addresses the growing nationwide issue of self-harm in adolescents and is told through a series of naturalistic scenes. Thank you


Students from Year 7 and 8 have been practising their five-a-side football skills for the upcoming in their PE lesson this afternoon ⚽️


Students from across the school took part in our Spelling Bee this week 🐝 Find out the winners here -


During Science Club, Year 7 investigate dilatancy with a non-Newtonian fluid. They had a lot of fun exploring the amazing properties of the Oobleck puddle!


In coaching time this morning, students have been discussing how they would like the internet to be free from bullying, grooming and trolling. These posters are just a few ways in which they wish they were online.


Year 9 investigate the factors affecting the rate of enzyme substrate reactions, lots of fantastic results!


We love how these poly-prints have turned out! 8G have been printing their designs onto fabric this morning, we are really looking forward to seeing the final piece of art in place


8V have been investigating the relationship between light intensity and the rate of oxygen production during photosynthesis.The pond weed needed a little encouragement!


Year 9 GCSE Computing have been learning how to create Turtle graphics using Python. Some excellent results!


7O developing their movement skills and creating freeze frames in Drama; conveying the emotion of soldiers from the poem 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' by Alfred, Lord Tennyson


7M investigating which reactions were exothermic and endothermic in Chemistry this morning. Thankfully their hands didn't get too warm! 🔥


Year 8 have been working hard in Spanish this week identifying the dangers of social media and using their findings to create some fantastic posters


How do we describe the process of breathing? 7C have been making models of the lungs in Biology this morning


Still time to apply! Teacher of Mathematics - Teacher of Science -


7P have been experimenting with marble chips and acid in Chemistry today, investigating the conservation of mass


We are extremely excited and very proud that our Voices of Aureus choir have been invited to perform on the main stage at Wembley in the concert on 17th March. Here they are in rehearsal this morning 🙌


Exploring the use of movement skills and passing the focus of the audience in Drama this morning. Every single student in 8G has worked extremely hard, well done!


We have two exciting vacancies to join our Teaching Team; Teacher of Mathematics and Teacher of Science. Find out more about these roles:


8P have been exploring the conventions of different genres and searching extracts from Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' for evidence of it fitting within the gothic genre 📖


Great courage shown by our Year 9 students today in English Language whilst presenting their speeches highlighting Gender Inequality

Posted on: 22/10/2019

Creating community links with art

Our students have joined forces with local residents and an artist to complete three wonderful mosaics for the school which reflect our motto; Nurturing Hearts and Minds.

The eye-catching mosaics have been created over the course of a year with the help of local artist Clare Goodall and residents of the Williams Place Retirement Living Plus development in Great Western Park.

20190905 144249 Mosaics

Our students loved sharing their artistic ideas and designing the mosaics with Clare and all the home-owners who were very encouraging. It was a great joint project with us all and developer McCarthy and Stone which resulted in three beautiful pieces.

Artist Clare Goodall said: “It was great to have the opportunity to work with the students at Aureus School and the homeowners at Williams Place.  It is always exciting to work on projects that bring the community together to build lasting relationships and I am thrilled with how the mosaics turned out. They look fantastic on the building and I hope they will help to build an even stronger sense of identity for the school.”

Group Photo

The mosaics were designed to reflect our values, to represent the importance of nurturing the hearts and minds of the whole child.

Ciara Hilley, Divisional Marketing Manager for McCarthy and Stone, said: “The mosaic making has been a huge success and it is great to see the mosaics displayed at Aureus School. The homeowners enjoyed meeting the students and showing their artistic flair, and it has been an extremely rewarding project for everyone involved."