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Year 7 are learning about rhythm and pulse this term in . They have been working together in small groups to compose their very own polyrhymes


Thank you so much for all your support and donations to . We raised a massive £471.96 and had heaps of fun in doing so!


An exciting opportunity to join our IT team as a Junior Regional IT Technician. Find out more here:


club investigated the dangers of splashing chemicals in eyes in yesterday's . Using egg whites, they replicated the aqueous humour of the eye and added a variety of chemicals including hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide to observe the ‘damage’ caused


Year 9 have been perfecting their badminton skills in GCSE PE this morning


The Big Question in year 7 this morning: What are unicellular organisms?


7P have been developing their painting techniques and preparing to create poly block prints as they study the work of Andy Warhol in 🖌🎨


We are pleased to be supporting the appeal this year. Students and Staff are invited to bring donations to school no later than Friday 13th December. For a full list of gift ideas visit


Privileged to be part of the parade in Didcot today. We will remember them.


Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council 🎉


GCSE Art have been exploring the work of Ian Murphy, using mixed media techniques to create dramatic architecture pieces


What is market research? Year 9 have been looking at the different types of market research, methods of collecting and their advantages/disadvantages


We are recruiting! Come and join our Aureus family as we grow our school. We have the following vacancies: ✅ Teacher of Mathematics ✅ Head of Mathematics ✅ Teacher of Science ✅ Pastoral Welfare Leader Interested? Apply online here:


Have you seen our new mosaic installations? A wonderful community project with residents from neighbouring and local artist, Clare Goodall


more details to follow in this weeks bulletin!


more details to follow in this weeks bulletin!


Exploring the magic of Physics...Year 8 have been investigating magnetic fields by making paper clips seemingly float in mid air!


more details to follow in this weeks Bulletin!


In Year 9 GCSE English Language, students have been analysing

Posted on: 19/06/2019

Reinvent, Reuse, Recycle!

Our third and final STEAM day of the year was all about how we can use the arts to Reinvent, Reuse and Recycle and to raise awareness about how our waste is damaging our planet.

Year 7 students spent the day in different workshops; making games with cardboard, wind chimes from bottle tops and sculptures for bee’s. They used plastic bottles, pots and milk containers to sow seeds and even took part in cooking bread and butter pudding; showing how we can reduce food waste.

We were extremely lucky to have Nick Garnett, The Red Van Man join us for the day. He brought in lots of interesting recycled materials and students made a kinetic sculpture of a coral reef through play.

Sarah Evans, Silk ‘n’ Stuff, spent the day with students creating a wonderful piece of artwork from recycled materials to help raise awareness of plastics in our oceans.

The students had great fun making Cyanotypes with Peter Savage, a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. They painted paper with a chemical then used paper shapes to lay on top before taking them outside to expose them to sunlight, with really pleasing and interesting results!

Our Year 8 students looked into the environmental issues we face on our planet today, researching global issues and apps that help us be more green. They then had the opportunity to explore and design their own app. There were lots of great ideas such as a ‘Planet Saver’ and a ‘Green Info App’.

Ms Bainbrigge, who organised the day, said “An amazing day of STEAM activities demonstrating so many ways that we can use the arts to Reinvent, Reuse and Recycle. A very BIG thank you to all the staff who rose to the challenge and stepped out of their comfort zones to plan and deliver the amazing workshops. I think it will be a day that the students will certainly remember!”

Click here to view our photos from the day

Some feedback from our Year 7 and 8 students:

“I thought it was a very useful day to understand pollution”

“It was awesome!”

“I thought it was good because I learnt something new and got to try things I haven’t before”

“It was an awesome day and I cooked for the first time ever!”