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Posted on: 23/05/2024

Justice in Motion

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Aureus School is extremely fortunate to have Justice in Motion join us for 3 days in July! They will be workshopping with our students as well as performing CODE for us as a school and performing for the public on Thursday, 4th July


Justice in Motion is a physical theatre company that sheds light on social injustices. Social justice is a wide field that includes freedoms, mental and physical health, personal safety from harm, the ability to grow and flourish as well as encouraging creativity in many forms. And of course this applies to everyone. Our work highlights such issues. Through live and digital shows, talks and exhibitions, we reach out and touch as many people as possible, of all ages and backgrounds. Young people, professional artists and enthusiasts can discover ideas, skills, physical expression and wellness in our classes, workshops and residencies. We aim for the top - as the leading physical theatre company using powerful art to change lives. We continue to raise awareness, inspire debate, action and change through high quality work with our audiences and participants, our creative collaborators, fans and our donors and funders.

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"Our latest production takes place in a specially built environment designed to look like an estate of concrete block architecture. This urban landscape is where we bring together trials biking, parkour, physical theatre and live rap music with specially written lyrics and soundscapes.

The show is about a young person who, after being groomed by a criminal gang, becomes caught up in the illegal drugs trade as a mule, delivering to different areas of the country. The story has been developed after a long period of research into the case studies of targeted young people, reports from charities working in this area as well as national programmes tackling county lines around the country.

The performing company features a talented group of urban sportspeople - trials bike riders, parkour athletes, skateboarders - as well as physical theatre and dance performers. A unique live soundtrack accompanies the performance, created by popular Sheffield-based artist, rapper, and actor Marcus ‘Matic Mouth’ Smith, and composer Quentin Lachapele.

CODE has been developed by Justice in Motion’s Artistic Director Anja Meinhardt and Associate Director Chris Evans."

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