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Posted on: 12/06/2023

Yrs 7-9 Visit Williams' F1 Racing

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We had a fab day at Williams on Friday - Students raced each other round Silverstone in the Esports lounge, had a science and engineering talk whilst learning about the Williams' cars in the museum and then were tasked to programme Lego Mindstorms to follow a race track.  All groups worked really well together, they had to take on different roles during their task and then present to everyone else.  A big well done to everyone.

"On Friday, we went on a trip to Williams' racing where we got to go on driving simulators and drive around on the silver stone race track. We also looked around and saw different cars that are used for Formula 1 racing. We were taught how how the motors worked on the cars and were shown what the buttons on the steering wheel were for and so much more. We got to programme small motors to go around the the track and we made a video about our team's robots. we really enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely want to do it again. It was such an amazing experience. The fact that Williams gave up their time and their staff's time, just so we had this amazing trip, is something that we are all very grateful for." 

Ellen, Eric, Layla & Rosie: Yr8

"I enjoyed the F1 trip because learning about a major sport's club's history was truly amazing! We learnt about how you can use only 4 tires on a F1 car. I also enjoyed the Esports Arena; getting 4th and 14th in the races. Finally, I really enjoyed the Lego mindstorms as myself and my team won the competition and got an amazing hat as a prize! Overall my experience was fantastic. Thank you Aureus and Williams F1 for best experience yet!"

James: Yr9