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Posted on: 31/03/2023

GCSE Art's Trip to the Tate

This Wednesday, Miss Robins (Head of Art) along with 4 members of staff took the GCSE art students (and some of the Yr9s) to the Tate Modern in London.

We boarded the coach at 9am on a rather cold & wet Wednesday, but remained in good spirits, despite the weather. For some students it was their first time visiting an art gallery and their first ever trip to London. With this in mind, Miss Robins took upon herself to become the coach tour guide whilst we drove through London, pointing out the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral to name but a few. Our coach driver for the day commented on how well behaved the students were: "I've never known such a quiet and calm group of students!"


After a quick walk around the gallery with their group leader for an hour, we stopped for a quick lunch before allowing the students the independence of walking round the Tate in small groups . The majority of them did some work in their sketch books during that time, focusing on pieces that related to their GCSE final exam or on something that simply excited and inspired them.

"I loved seeing all the different art from around the world and from different cultures."
...Jorja, Yr11


Before heading back to school on the coach, there was just enough time for a quick walk along the embankment and to the London Eye for a few photo opportunities. We made good time returning from London and all the students remained impeccably behaved.

"I loved the art trip to the Tate Modern. It was very beautiful and I learnt lots of new things."...Baileigh, Yr11

All in all it was a very successful trip with lots of memories made along the way.