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Yr 6 Open Events: September & October 2022 Thursday 22 September: 5-7pm Monday 10 October: 9-10:15am Monday 17 October: 9-10.15am Please visit our website for further details:


They loved the whole trip but especially the Eiffel Tower and Disney


The view from Platform 2 - spectacular


At the Eiffel Tower


Some of the students in Year 9 looked at 'numeracy in art' for STEAM day and took inspiration from the artist Jasper Johns.  Using different media they created some really stunning number art, that will be compiled together to create one amazing piece for the Maths corridor.


As part of this week's STEAM day, some of the Year 9 students made puppets in Drama and used green screen technology to bring them to life. Mrs McAuliffe, our head of drama, was so impressed with the quality of the puppets and the effort that was put in by all the students.


This heart dissection was done alongside Miss Mackenwells who used her expertise as a vet to explain the workings.


Our first live awards event at Aureus. A great turnout, some amazing awards given out and lots of clapping and cheering to celebrate years 7-10. Well done to everyone who received an award tonight.


Tonight we celebrate the amazing work achieved by our GCSE art students, at our Yr10 & 11 art exhibition.


And they’ve completed their expedition section! On their way back now! Well done!!!


The DofE students are in good spirits, if a little wet and heading on to the finish! Well done all of you!


Day 2 of walking has started for our Silver DofE students. Good luck!


Our Computing Masterclass was full today. Year 5 using brand new micro:bits and learning how to do 3D design in tinkercad. Mrs Strange had a great time with our computing experts of the future


Some of out very lucky Year 10s have travelled down to London today to see ‘Wicked’ at the Apollo Victoria Theatre! Enjoy!!


Faculty Charity week totals are in and we raised ❤️ Banksy 70.50 for The Royal British Legion, 💚 Malala £90.34 for Macmillan and 💙 Hawking £30 for Blue Sky Thinking.


In Biology we have replaced chicks with cress seeds. Year 7 have designed suitable environments to germinate and grow the best cress. Each class has a week to look after their environments and see who can grow the tallest.


Good luck this morning to our Yr9 Bronze DofE students, as they wake up to another beautiful and sunny day. Stay hydrated and sun-cream-ready! We’re so proud of you.


9 bronze DofE groups out on the ridgeway today. It’s a hot one but they are hydrated, creamed up and doing really well. Keep going guys, you’re doing great!


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Another excellent & talk today - this time from Stuart Astle (Burton Group) to students from , &


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have just headed into the lab for another workshop after this morning 👩‍🔬

Posted on: 22/10/2021

Aureus Scholars visit Oxford University

Our KS4 Scholar students visited Oxford University this week for a special day out.

Taking the train, the first stop was Trinity College where they learnt about the fantastic educational opportunities. The students were left in awe at the majestic contrast between the historic exterior of the college and the modern facilities within and many were considering Trinity as their go to college for post 18 education.

Next on the agenda was a visit to The Ashmolean Museum. Students were elated to see the hundreds of artefacts from all over the world during different time periods.

Year 11 student, Louis was particularly excited about the exhibits,

“There were tools used by the first settlers of Egypt in one room, and famous artworks from Renaissance Italy in the next”, he said.

Many students also enjoyed the freedom the Ashmolean trip provided, allowing them to look at exhibits based on their interests rather than following a tight schedule.

Finally, they completed their trip with a look at the Bodleian library. The scholars felt privileged to be able to enter such a historic place and were delighted to learn about it’s rich and influential history, they were also graced with many interesting facts surrounding the building such as the law against flames used in the library and the head librarian's vow of celibacy.

Mr Ali, Assistant Headteacher for Raising Standards, said "The Scholars’ Programme at Aureus School is about raising aspirations and awareness about the array of achievable opportunities available to our young people. We look forward to more visits to leading institutions and organisations across the United Kingdom."