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Posted on: 01/10/2021

New school year brings international success

International School AwardThe first term of the school year has brought celebration for staff and students to Aureus thanks to the award of a prestigious status.

We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Foundation level of the International School Award which recognises its work in bringing the world into our classrooms.

The Award, issued by The British Council, celebrates the achievements of Aureus in undertaking a high level of work in international education. The initiative aims to foster an international dimension to the curriculum and is designed to allow students to gain a range of cultural skills.

“I am very proud of our students here at Aureus School, but more so than ever with them having received recognition for their hard work. Our linguists created international links such as corresponding with their peers in our partner schools in France and Spain. 

“We will work to strengthen those links and provide further opportunities for the students to foster a love of language learning, including trips to Europe when we can. We are looking forward to further embedding internationalism across the curriculum at Aureus so all students embrace our diverse community and create their futures as global citizens.” said Mrs Pearce, modern languages teacher at Aureus.

We will continue to develop our work and aim to achieve the ultimate International School Award Accreditation.

“You have a positive example of collaboration with your overseas partner school with your letter sharing activities. Your aims of exploring similarities and differences with French culture and school life have clearly been met successfully.

“You really are hitting the ground running with your internationalism, which is inspirational to your students and shows your commitment to guiding them to be global citizens.

“Your commitment to extending and embedding internationalism in your curriculum is a valuable aspect of your school ethos,” said the award letter.

John Rolfe, schools outreach manager at the British Council said: “We are delighted and proud that the school’s committed to developing a whole school approach to embedding and celebrating international work. The dedication from everyone is enriching education and supporting globally aware young people and the development of key skills.”