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Yr10 investigate the products of with excellent result’s.


Yr9 perform a practical that helps them calculate specific heat capacity. Do you know the formula? #SHC


The water is back up and running. School will be open to all students tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


URGENT NEWS. Aureus is closed today due to problems with the water pipes. Full details to follow in letter.


Lovely to see our Year 11s and their families in school this evening, working on their revision skills. You’ve got this 💪


A fantastic morning! 30+ amazing volunteers (thank you!) planted 400+ saplings on the school field. It was freezing but this awesome team planted the saplings in less than 2hrs. Thank you for the saplings


Thank you to everyone who came to help us plant 450 donated trees this morning . Hope everyone has warmed up now.


Collaboration is what helps us grow. Had a lovely day today. The students were delightful and the staff welcoming. Working together to create a better future for our students


Great meeting with Jak today. Excited for the work we can do together to create opportunities for students.


A year 9 student receives a prestigious award for performing an investigation on the factors that affect the growth of plants. He proudly receives his Bronze Crest Award🥳


Just adding items to our wellbeing calendar. The new wellbeing committee are working on ways to help bring the team together. Look after the staff so they can look after the students. Happy Wednesday!


When the wellbeing survey confirms what you already knew: we are making improvements every day and the staff feel it. Looking forward to hearing the student voice to check they feel the same.


Year 8 learnt about the role of stomata in plants today, and then got to identify them down a microscope (the green parts on photo 3!)



Year 8 learnt about energy stores yesterday. They then completed a series of practicals where they identified the energy stores.


Future leaders of the world! Student council met today to discuss the agenda for the year! They were very excited about some upcoming events at school and most importantly, have already started working as a team to make Aureus the best place for all of our students.



Fantastic Awards Evening for the Aureus Class of 2023! Well done to all the students on their individual and collective achievements


£545 raised for this fantastic charity thank you to our students, staff and parents for all your donations.


We’ve reached £545. Thank you to students, staff and parents for all your contributions to this great cause.

Admissions Overview & Appeals

Consultation: Admissions Arrangements for 2025/26 for Aureus School

This consultation commences on Wednesday 22 November 2023 and will close on Wednesday 17 January 2024.  To take part in the consultation, please send your comments to Mrs K. Guyatt, ADMISSIONS OFFICER via 

Our Admissions Arrangements for 2025/26 are available below. Anyone wishing to participate in the consultation is encouraged to read these in detail.

The key changes to our admissions arrangements are as follows: 

a. Changes to the Pupil Admission Number from 240 to 120 to reflect the changing demographics in the area surrounding the school.

This consultation is taking place in accordance with the requirements as set out in the School Admissions Code.  The consultation must take place for six weeks and it is good practice that this six-week period excludes school holidays.

The GLF Trust Board is the Admissions Authority for our School.  It will review all responses to the consultation prior to agreeing the final Admissions Arrangements for 2025/26.  These will be published on our website no later than Wednesday 15 March 2024, in line with the statutory requirement.

Admissions Policy Documents 

Admissions to Aureus School for September 2024
All applications for school places Years 7-11 must be made through the Oxfordshire County Council Admissions Department.  To find up to date information on how to apply, either as part of the normal intake or during the school year, please go to the website:

Aureus School opened in September 2017 and is a part of GLF multi academy trust. The Trust is the admission authority for the school and therefore responsible for determining the admission arrangements for the school each year in accordance with The Schools Admissions Code (September 2021) and any further relevant legislation.

Key dates when applying for secondary school

Key dates                           Event

Key Dates             Event            
12/09/2023 Applications Open
31/10/2023 Closing Date for Applications
1/03/2024              National offer day: look online, receive email and letters are sent out by second class post where needed
13/03/2024 The last date for responding to an offer and placing a child’s name on a continued interest list in response to offers made on 1 March.
Sept 2024 Start of the School Year 

Admissions Policies and Forms

Parents of children born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 (inclusive) need to apply for a secondary school place for September 2024.

Admissions Policies and Forms Our PAN (Published Admission Number) for September 2024 is 240

Please click on the Admissions Policies link below for further information regarding our Admissions Criteria.

If you have any further queries regarding admissions to Aureus School, please email

Admissions Policy Documents 

Appealing for a school place
You may appeal for a place at the school you want if you have not been offered a place. Please see the Oxfordshire County Council website for more information.

An appeals form can be located here