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Retweeted From Winchester Science Centre

We're so excited to launch our Robots and Future Tech themed activities TOMORROW! 🤖⚡ Join us for a fun-filled exploration of the wonders of modern technology, including dancing robots and spectacular virtual reality. Book tickets 👉


Retweeted From Oxon MHWB

Our line up is looking good, its free - so sign up! We look forward to seeing you there:


Retweeted From Hannah Godby

Brilliant rehearsal today with ‘Voices of Aureus’ preparing for the concert on the 10th June!


Retweeted From Hannah Godby

So excited to be performing at the Standing Ovation Project in Birmingham on Monday 10th June! We can’t wait!


Retweeted From RWBAHolocaust

Looking forward to host FREE CPD next week (Tues, 21 May) & to welcome colleagues from & more. Places available via - RT


Retweeted From Beth Costar

So proud to make sure that the + community is visible everyday. Students in the are currently planning a campaign against bullying.


Retweeted From Standing Ovation Project

We are excited to announce the talented 'Voices of Aureus' at will be apart of our June 10th! We're so excited! 🎼


Retweeted From Careers within GLF

Teachers of Science, English, Ethics and Computing required - a brand new, state of the art comprehensive 11-16 school that opened on the Great Western Park, Didcot, in September 2017. For more info, email


Lots of smiles at our today! 🙌


Would you like to join our English department to help design a fun and engaging curriculum? We are recruiting a Teacher of English to join our team in September. Apply here:


Retweeted From Aureus School

Still time to apply! We are looking to recruit a Computing Lead Practitioner to join us in our 3rd year. Apply online:


Retweeted From Beth Costar

‘s LPD project session on feedback/marking was great! I was taught to feedback, not mark, on a PGCE placement - such a timesaver and aids true progress. I can’t wait for it to be in our policy at !


Retweeted From You HR Consultancy

What a great talk today with Hannah Wilson, exec head of about really embedding values into a team.


Retweeted From Jennings

Huge thank you to Hannah Wilson for a wonderful talk at this morning. Engaging, impactful and heart warming.


Retweeted From Tim Wraith

Another good breakfast event at this morning. Heard an inspirational talk from Hannah Wilson from in Didcot, she was fantastic. I always enjoy going to Jennings, great organisation and lovely people!


Retweeted From Jennings

We should all consider how we talk about our own bodies & use positive language. It’s easy to make a flippant negative comment & this is what young people hear. Thanks to for a great talk around body image & young minds


Retweeted From Georgia Holleran

Breaking News!! Teachers are reporting outbreaks of wellbeing across the country! Race to to find out what on Earth is going on...?


Retweeted From Clare Erasmus #FamilyMH5aday #FRSA #FCCT

Highlight: day out on a course with with . I got to have a delicious lunch and time to connect with some amazing people. Low: got a school email saying I had missed a deadline !


Retweeted From Jane Hawkes

To all educators: you are amazing wonderful people and you will never really know the positive impact you have on the future. So as you go to school hold on to your integrity and passion for teaching. See each pupil for who they will be.

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TVP LogoDidcot Schools Parent Event
Thursday 13th June 19:00

The event is an opportunity for Thames Valley Police officers to meet with parents and carers of students from Didcot’s schools to discuss exploitation of children via County Drugs lines and the ancillary dangers posed from this offending, such as knife crime.

Officers will present on the current crime stats in and around Didcot and detail the part that TVP and families can jointly play, alongside the schools, in safeguarding young people and recognising existing and emerging vulnerabilities.

TVP would like to arm parents and carers with vital information to support conversations at home and ensure that there is a consistent, joined up response between the home, the school and the police.

The evening will include updates on the proactive work being undertaken across Oxfordshire to assist with educating children and, importantly, will allow an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and meet with local officers and colleagues from across the county.

Great Barn festival Alfie Meets
Drawing Mania!  

Vikings at Harwell Feast

Harwell feast flyer 2019

Fitfest Oxford

Fitfest Oxford Fitfest

You can benefit from a special 50% discount off their tickets to attend the fitness and wellness festival by using the code FFOSCH50.

More information about FitFest Oxford can be found on their website.