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Great to see are going full steam ahead with their especially creating around school🌈This is a great start in creating 🤝 Keep up the good work! If you want this in your school sign up here👉


A great session with our Pride Youth Network and Gina, our Student Health Nurse, discussing and questioning 'What does gender and sexuality mean to you?"


Year 8 students have been developing a timeline of the Holocaust today in Humanties. Year 7's, currently studying "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" in English Literature, joined them to admire their work


These amazing students were all awarded certificates for showing Integrity this week! Congratulations 🎉


Pupils from joined Voices of Aureus for a fabulous GLF Music Festival yesterday where they performed to parents and carers'. Well done to all involved, they were amazing!


Some amazing musical instruments created in our REcycled Music workshop


Our Year 8 students have been looking at environmental risks we face on our planet today and researching apps that could help make us greener


REinvent Food...our students have been making bread and butter pudding in this workshop today, inspiring them to reduce food waste


We have been lucky to have Nick Garnett in with Year 7's today building a kinetic coral reef through play


Our 3rd day of the year, we have been looking at 'REinvent, REuse, REcycle'. Year 7's have been getting creative with REcycled wind chimes, Reco cultivation and REused sculpture


We would like to thank all our amazing teachers at today and to congratulate the wonderful Ms Costar for being nominated for the 'Outstanding New Teacher of the Year Award' 🎉


We have been working with local businesses today to help develop our careers programme. Thank you all for joining us


We are growing our wonderful team for our third year and are recruiting for a Teacher of English, Teacher of Science and a Computing Lead Practitioner. Visit to find out more!


Today our became 🎉 Congratulations to all our winners this week for showing our value Integrity


"The PGL trip was SO FUN!! My favourite activity was the climbing wall because I overcame my fear of heights." Read more about our recent PGL trip #10%braver


Quite a different style to 8A's English lesson this morning, discussing who they feel is to blame for Mrs Alexander's revelation in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"


Check out "It's a Hard Knock Life" by the wonderful Voices of Aureus


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A massive thank you to for bringing the amazing, sensational Voices Of Aureus all the way from Didcot Oxford! They sounded incredible! Hope you can be part of our November concert!🎶🎵🎼🎺📹🎻🎹


We were delighted to be invited to the concert on Monday this week. Read more:


We have had such an amazing time at Osmington Bay So proud of our Year 7's for embodying our Aureus values

Posted on: 05/02/2019

Aureus School makes headlines for Childrens Mental Health Week

Aureus school made headlines this week when Headteacher Hannah Wilson appeared on BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast Show and cameras from BBC South dropped by to focus on Aureus’ award-winning work on improving children’s mental health.

The events coincided with Children’s Mental Health Week and gave those outside the school a chance to see the innovative work being carried out inside, addressing one of the biggest issues affecting schooling and parenthood today.

Hannah said mental health was not taken seriously at the start of her teaching career but the school was prioritising it because of the long-term benefits.

“It wasn't something that was on the agenda when I was at school, or when I trained to teach, but society has changed a lot and we as schools have a responsibility to prepare our children for life,” she said.

She explained that having seen so many teenagers struggle with exam pressure had convinced her to take a “preventative, preemptive and proactive (approach) rather than reactive and responsive,” and as a result, mindfulness is part of our curriculum to ensure stress and anxiety never became major issues.

“We do things from the get-go - in Year Seven, they're building up resilience and skills so when they hit stressful points in life, they know how to deal with them rather than react to them,” she said.

As well as Hannah’s radio appearance, deputy head teacher Julie Hunter and pupils Holly and Patrick appeared on the regional BBC South news to showcase some of our school’s mindfulness teaching tools, and talk about the effect they have had – with Patrick even revealing that he had used what he had learnt at school to help his younger sister get to sleep.

Julie said our efforts as a school were having real rewards: “Last year some Year 7s came out of their exams and said that when they felt they really couldn’t go on any more, instead of walking out, they did mindful breathing,” she said. “No-one knew, they didn’t need to ask anyone for help and they managed to cope themselves.”

This local media attention is just the latest example of our school’s proactive approach to mental health winning praise – last month, we became one of just six secondary schools across the whole country to receive a Gold Status award from the Carnegie Centre of Excellence Mental Health Award for Schools.

Speaking after the BBC South news was shown, Dan Knowles, the chief executive of the Oxfordshire branch of mental health charity MIND, said we were “doing a fantastic job.”

I’m sure everyone will want to join in applauding everyone at the school for all their efforts in helping our school lead the way and set the standard for others when it comes to the issue of mental health among children.

Click here to view the BBC South Today news report

Click here to listen to the BBC Radio Oxford broadcast (about 7 minutes in)